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Benefits of Shower Water Filter

Published by admin July 31,2020

People With Sensitive Skin
Showering with filtered water can reduce a number of skin conditions from eczema and rashes to dandruff and itchy scalp, so these filters are a smart choice for anyone prone to skin or scalp sensitivity, children, and especially infants.  The reason shower filters benefit skin is generally the removal of chlorine, which is responsible for all kinds of skin irritations and skin dehydration.

Chlorine is especially irritating when it gets warm, as it would be when showering or bathing.  Other water contaminants, like dissolved minerals, can be hard on hair, nails, and skin, stripping its natural oils and leaving you brittle, itchy, or dry. A shower water filter will be able to remove these kinds of contaminants as well, to leave you feeling more comfortable.

People With Asthma or Other Respiratory Conditions
In addition to skin sensitivity, chlorine and certain dissolved minerals can be responsible for exacerbating asthma. The problems start, again, when chlorinated or contaminated water is heated (for a shower or bath) – this creates chlorinated steam, which can be aggravating when inhaled.

People With Compromised Immune Systems
Showerheads can contain a myriad of bacteria, and unless you’re diligent about cleaning your showerhead regularly, these bacteria can become aerosolized every time you shower.  Regular cleaning helps, but a showerhead filter prevents much of the buildup of potentially harmful bacteria in the first place — helping you stay healthier.

People Looking To Improve Their Overall Hygiene Routines
From the health of your lungs, eyes, skin, hair, and more, a shower water filter can refresh your self-care routines and leave you feeling softer and more hydrated. And if you’re simply after a more pleasant shower or bath experience, a shower filter is a quick addition that can have a big impact.

Is A Shower Water Filter Worth It?
The answer may vary depending both on what kind of water you have to begin with, and the severity of the problems you’re dealing with while showering or bathing. For example, if you’re tired of itchy, dry skin, struggle with eczema, or have small children at home, a shower water filter can be a simple way to noticeably improve the quality of your hygiene routine.

Once you know what contaminants and/or chemicals you’re dealing with, you can narrow down shower head filters by what they’re designed to do. 

For instance, some filters are best suited to soften water, so their filtration targets removing dissolved minerals and metals from water. Others use carbon filtration to better target problematic additives like chlorine.

From there, it’s often a matter of personal preference about what kind of water pressure and spray settings you’re looking for from your shower head.

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