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Do you know the benefits of installing kitchen hood filter in your home?

Published by admin July 13,2020

I don't know if you have any trouble like this. After a few days of cleaning, the lampblack machine accumulated thick oil stains and had to be cleaned again. But the clarity of the lampblack machine is very troublesome, so it is often painful to most people. After getting tired of cleaning the lampblack machine many times, maybe it's time to try using the kitchen hood filter to keep your kitchen machine clean.

                                                kitchen hood filter                                             

What's the function of kitchen hood filters?

The kitchen hood filters can lock extra oil in the oil sponge, further increase the filter's service life. Reduce the accumulation of grease stains too much, dripping on the hair and clothes. At the same time, it will also enhance the smoke absorption function, making the kitchen cleaner. Keeping people away from the greasy feeling of oil fume.                                                

What is the filter element of the lampblack machine made up of?

Different types of kitchen hood filters may have slightly different compositions, but most of them are composed of three structures.

Generally, these three parts of kitchen hood filters are:

1.High density non-woven cloth

This part can capture smoke, impurities and bad smell.

2.High quality activated carbon

Natural material and processed by advanced activating technology, the activated carbon has large capacity for absorbing impurities, VOC, smoke and bad smell.

3.Innovative oil guide channel

This part can lock extra oil in the oil sponge, further increase the filter's service life.

kitchen hood filter

Kitchen hood filters can keep the cleanliness of lampblack machine, ensure the cleanliness of people's kitchen, also can let people no longer suffer from the harassment of lampblack when making delicious food. The clean of lampblack machine let food bring people 100% pleasure, from now on enjoy delicious food, love to make healthy food, enjoy the wonderful life.

Our factory produces products with quality assurance. Many products have WQA, NSF certifications. If you are interested in other products of filter element, you can visit our official website at any time. Of course, you can also contact with us by email or other ways if you have any questions.

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