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Before Buying RV Filter You Should Understand What’s in the Water

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  • Published by admin November 26,2020

    Understanding what contaminants are present in your water supply is key to knowing how to effectively RV filter them. In order to find a filtration method best tailored to your water source, you should always perform a water test to identify any present contaminants. This can be more difficult when traveling from campsite to campsite in your RV. Many RV campgrounds water hydrants carry city water to the parks. City water suppliers use chlorine to disinfect municipal water and eliminate waterborne-disease carrying bacteria. However, chlorine can leave water with a chemical taste and smell. 

    However, not all RV parks are connected to city water. Some use independent wells to disseminate water to the campground. Well water can possess high levels of sediment, heavy metals, and potentially bacteria and microorganisms. Regardless of the water’s source, if you are in a region of the country with hard water, your RV will be exposed to high levels of calcium and magnesium, which can lead to scale build-up and damaged plumbing. The more comprehensive your water filtration set-up is, the more prepared you will be to enjoy clean water, wherever you’re traveling.  

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