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5 Things To Look For In Your Water Filter part1

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  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    Are you worried about the quality of drinking water at home? If you are worried about that drinking water may contain different chemicals, heavy metals and pathogens, then you should give yourself a water filtration system to eliminate your doubts forever.

    Once you decide to put your health in the hands of the water filter, there are several options. There are many different brands of filters in the market, they use different filtering technologies, and the prospect of purchasing a filtering system may surprise you.

    Here are five things that will help you get a general idea of what to look for in your water filter.


    The main reason for installing water filtration system is to remove pollutants in tap water and obtain safe water. Water in your home may contain impurities that can have a serious impact on your health.

    Biological impurities such as bacteria, cysts and other micro parasites can enter your body through impure water. In addition, some studies have shown that domestic water may contain harmful chemical pollutants, which are related to high cholesterol, obesity, hormone inhibition, etc. In addition, tap water may contain carcinogenic heavy metals such as arsenic and lead.

    So choose a water filter, have your water properly tested in a certified laboratory, check for possible contaminants, and then decide which filter is best for you. Most filters can remove about 40 pollutants, while some can filter up to 60, while others only remove about 25 pollutants. If your water contains more pollutants, you can filter them out.

    Activated carbon filters can remove organic compounds, chlorine and trihalomethane, as well as most parasites from water; however, for nitrate, sulfate, arsenic and heavy metals, reverse osmosis or ultraviolet filtration systems are required.

    Filtration rate

    It's likely that most people don't care too much about the maximum daily filtration rate when they're looking for water filters. But smart buyers should pay attention. The maximum filtering speed refers to the filtering water volume that the filter can produce every day. So if you use more water per day than the maximum gallon of water produced by the filter, the filter is not for you.

    The maximum filtration speed of different filters available on the market varies greatly. It's necessary to get a little more satisfied or than you use. On the other hand, you should also avoid buying filters that filter water far more than you actually consume, because they are usually more expensive.

    So, first of all, know how much filter water you need every day, and choose your filter accordingly.

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